Career & Life Coaching for Millennials

Helping Millennials achieve meaningful and successful careers while gaining clarity and purpose in life

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Career & Life Coaching for Millennials
  • Are you struggling to find your purpose in life? 

  • Do you feel like something is missing and need some guidance?

  • Do you often fell unfulfilled with what you're doing on a day to day basis? 


Well, you don't have to feel that way anymore! I am here to help you through your journey in life to gain clarity, find your purpose and passion. 

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How I Can Help You

  • (1-2 Months) 6 Sessions

    1 hr

    $2000: 6 Sessions
  • (3 months) 12 Sessions

    1 hr

    $4000: 12 Sessions
  • (6 months) 26 Sessions

    1 hr

    $7500: 26 Sessions
  • Strengths Based Coaching: Uncovering Your Top 5 StrengthsQuest Themes

    1 hr 30 min

    500 US dollars
  • Strengths Based Coaching: Designing Your Career | Life | Future

    1 hr

    1,500 US dollars